How to buy a Used Bentley Continental GT

With new Bentley Continental GTs starting from £168,900, you would be forgiven to think that all this automotive excellence is out of your league.

But don’t give up yet! We are here to tell you about the wonderful world of second-hand Bentleys.

In this world, you can actually own a Continental GT for as little as £20,000. Now, while the price is close to a regular hatchback, the running costs fall strictly in the luxury segment. Luxury cars are expensive to run and even more expensive to fix!

But don’t let that stop you; there are some awesome deals waiting for you,and if you do a complete and thorough test before purchasing a pre-owned Bentley Continental GT you will soon be sitting behind the wheel of a classic!

Here are some of the areas you need to pay attention to:

  1. Exteriors:

A pre-owned Bentley has gone through years of driving so you need to look at the exteriors carefully. First thing – check it in the sunlight. When it comes to the exteriors you are checking for inconsistent paint job, chips, dents and panels that don’t sit together properly.

Also, check the tyres; the overall condition, rims and the mechanical parts behind the tyres need to be inspected for anything that seems out of the ordinary.

  1. Interiors:

The Continental GT is known for its exquisite hand-stitched, quilted leather and wood interiors. However, such high-quality leather work is hard to repair,and it’s important to inspect the interiors with an eagle eye for any scuffs and marks that might be an eyesore.

  1. Engine:

The engine is the beating heart of any car,and assuch requires the closest inspectionas engine trouble is the most expensive to fix. All in all, a well-used Bentley Continental GT is better than one that has been standing around as disuse can really damage the batteries. To test, its best to give it a cold start and then listen carefully. A rough idle could spell trouble in the near future, also listen out for any ticking, chortles or similar unusual noises.Check the exhaust for dark fumes and under the engine for oil leaks. Special attention must be paid to the condition of items that are expensive to repair like radiators and suspension.

  1. Electricals:

Most Bentley Continental GTs come fully loaded with great mechanical features; you need to make sure all these works smoothly such as keyless entry, self-opening mechanism of the windows and sun roof, parking sensors and so on.

  1. Service History

You should also insist on seeing the entire service history of the used Bentley you are considering buying. In this case, if you are not an auto expert, it’s worth hiring an expert to go over all the details with you and do a road test.

So now you know what to look for, you can start scouring the fantastic world of used Bentley Continental GTs. Remember premier brands like Bentley are built to lastsowhen you are searching for the best pre-owned deal,it’s important to find a used Continental GT in good condition.



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